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ZipWall® is a system of adjustable spring-loaded poles that hold up sheeting to form a barrier, delineate a work zone or create a cutting room. Ideal for containing dust during renovations, refurbishments, demolition and maintenance in sensitive or occupied areas.

Zipwall Wholesaler & Supplier

Everyone in the construction industry knows that managing dust produced during work can be a serious issue. There have been a number of solutions over the years, but for fast and effective protection against dust in the environment, SBS Direct are proud to be able to offer contractors and DIY fans Zipwall – a fast and speedy way to put up protective barriers before work. Zipwall uses a series of spring-loaded, adjustable poles which support dust sheets, forming barriers, delineating work zones, or instantly creating a room for cutting or sanding. This is the perfect tool for protecting rooms during renovations, construction, refurbishment, maintenance or demolition when working in occupied areas or sensitive locations.

Securing zones with Zipwall

The story behind the invention of the Zipwall is the need for contractors to have a fast and accurate way to create an effective dust barrier. The contractor was hired to do works by a refinishing company, and dust containment was essential to prevent contamination. Unfortunately, the location of the work was open plan, and the end result had to be without tape. The result of these demands led to the development of Zipwall. Previously, these barrier zones were created using a variety of different tools, and what often time-consuming in their setup and imperfect in their protection. When contractors made a lot of dust, it seemed important to the inventor to find the most effective way of managing the environment was to construct a series of spring-loaded poles which would support barriers, and make tight seals from ceiling to floor. The spring-loaded poles can be set up in only a few seconds, and help to keep the barrier material tents. Tapeless seals also help to create a completely tight seal from floor to ceiling, and against all walls without the use of masking tape. In addition, the speed of installation means that one person alone can set up the barrier system in only a few minutes, and the Zipwall is reusable, so it can be moved from location to location.

Zipwall equipment and solutions

There are a number of different options available to the user of Zipwall, depending upon their requirements and the space that they need to protect.

SBS Direct offers customers the opportunity to buy kits suitable for their requirements.

These kit ranges include:

  • ZRK4 – the room kit. This features four spring-loaded poles which can be extended to 3.8 metres, and a 10m by 4m containment sheeting
  • ZSP4 – Zipwall zip and seal pack. This contains the room kit, but also includes zipper access, and tight seal rails. There are two zippers and a zipper cutter, and two tight seal rails.
  • ZPB10 – Premium Barrier Kit. This fits in with everything needed to make a barrier of up to 20m with minor seals, or 10m with tight seals.
  • ZMK12 – Mega Contractor kit. This provides sealing for very large areas, of up to 50m. It is useful for retail, medical, commercial and public areas. It includes 12 poles, 2 zippers with cutter, and 50m containment sheeting
  • ZFC6 Facility Caution Pack. This offers complete segregation, allowing you to create safety barriers in minutes. It includes 6 poles, a caution tape reel, tape clips and 20m by 4m containment sheeting.

To find out more about our products, call SBS Direct today.

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