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Doors & Hardware

Its first impressions that count – that’s why your door and hardware should be carefully selected. And it’s not only the first thing a guest sees, it’s also the last.

Doors & Hardware

SBS Direct has the solution for all your interior and exterior doors. The unique cavity slider door is a perfect option for a flush interior finish. In addition, SBS Direct offers a wide variety of wooden, Aluminium and glass (hinged and sliding) doors for both interior and exterior use.

Doors are one of the first things that people say when they come into a property, and the right door can create a very favourable impression. More and more people are choosing to fit doors that are more than utilitarian, and are instead also a statement piece, adding something to the property and being interesting in their own right. From the very traditional four panel wooden door to glazed doors, and even Worcester doors, matching the style of the property and the door can be the best way to create symmetry in the building. In addition to getting the right door, finding the perfect hardware is just as important. SBS Direct has a wide variety of doors, sliding doors and hardware to meet your construction needs.

Finding a door supplier in Brisbane

The traditional interior door is made from wood, and is either moulded panel, or is made from soft wood. These are classic styles, which can be fitted into property of any age, but there are also other options, including glazed panel doors. These are increasingly popular in homes which require a lot of light, since they can add natural light to hallways and landings which might otherwise be very dark. SBS Direct offers a wide range of doors, including:

  • wooden
  • aluminium
  • hinged glass
  • sliding glass
  • cavity slider doors

Fitting these doors to your property will depend upon sizing the door frame, and choosing a door which can fit into the frame without too much correction.

Door accessories

Alongside choosing the right door, it is also important to choose the right fittings and accessories for the door. One of the most familiar door accessories is the handle, but there are also additional accessories which can be bought in order to enhance the look of a door. SBS Direct offer a wide variety of different door accessories, including:

  • door lever with flat handle
  • door lever with round handle
  • privacy locks
  • indicator locks
  • door push plates and pull handles with plates

All of these accessories are available in a chrome finish, with the exception of the push plates which are constructed in stainless steel or polished stainless steel. The door levers and the locks may also be purchased in polished brass. Being able to choose this many options means that there will always be a suitable door accessory for your construction requirements.

Sliding doors

Another popular option when it comes to fitting interior doors is the sliding door. These can be used in a variety of ways, including cavity sliders, and sliding push doors. The range of different options for sliding doors includes:

  • sliding door privacy sets
  • sliding door privacy set square
  • sliding door finger pull
  • sliding door rectangular pull
  • concealed edge pull

SBS Direct offers the privacy sets and the concealed edge pulls in satin chrome, and the finger pull and the flush pull in stainless steel. We also offer a range of other styles and designs, so call today to find out more.

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