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Concealed Ceiling Systems

Concealed Ceiling Systems

Concealed Ceilings is designed & engineered to easily install a flush panel board or plasterboard ceiling in nearly any application. All our systems are designed to meet Australian standards & can be used for thermal, acoustic & fire rated applications.

  • Suspended Concealed Ceiling – The system of suspended ceilings in Brisbane allows you to hang your ceiling from the roof structure to any distance to have your ceiling at the height that suits you. All your air conditioning ducts, plumbing, cables etc…  can be hidden by a clean flush plasterboard ceiling. A curved ceiling (bluescope steel or lysaght) can easily be installed for architectural design by curving the top cross rail either direction to the radius of your choice.
  • Direct Fixed Concealed Ceiling – Our ceiling batten (M303) can be used in applications where battens can be fixed direct to floor joists, trusses or beams at the one level.
  • Slimceil Concealed Ceiling – Slimceil channel & brackets is a great system when wanting a small ceiling cavity and needing some adjustment to keep your plasterboard ceiling level. Brackets can be custom made to any size. Resilmounts are also available for acoustic applications to control noise.

Dropped ceilings are often used in buildings where there is a requirement to conceal pipes and wires behind a false wall. Often known as ceilings, or suspended ceilings, these are a common feature of modern architecture and construction for both commercial and residential properties in Brisbane and the wider world. These suspended ceilings are used for a variety of different purposes, including both aesthetic and acoustic reasons. The space created by the suspended ceiling is known as a plenum space, which allows the concealment of property infrastructure, and also permitting access for inspections and repairs. Concealed ceilings may also help to conceal issues, such as structural damage, or to hide technology such as sprinkler systems and intruder alert installations. By making use of suspended ceilings, acoustic balance can also be enhanced, helping to reduce sound within the room, and prevent noise from nearby rooms coming into that space. In addition, drop ceilings may also help to improve interior environmental conditions, reducing the demand upon AC units and heating systems.

Installing concealed ceilings

The suspended ceiling offers an elegant and modern appearance for any room. If you are considering adding a suspended ceiling, then you will have a variety of options. For example, the concealed ceiling may be:

  • suspended
  • bonded with adhesive
  • fastened directly

In order to conceal the grid from the ceiling, these ceilings need to be constructed using special connectors and railings. Only by securing the properly is the ceiling completely safe. Preventing the pipes and cables from being visible allows you to create an uninterrupted ceiling that is aesthetically pleasing.

Concealed ceiling options

In Brisbane, there are a number of different options available to construction teams. The suspended conceal ceiling will allow you to drop the ceiling any distance from a roof structure, in order to have the ceiling at the required height. All of the plumbing and cables present in the ceiling are hidden by plasterboards, and curve ceilings may be added to enhance the architectural design. All of the systems offered by SBS Direct meet Australian standards and are permitted to be used in acoustic, thermal and fire rated ceilings. We provide components including:

  • 5mm galvanised rods or 2.5 galvanised rods
  • Spring hanger clip
  • top cross rail
  • Purlin clip
  • locking key
  • furthering channels and perimeter track

Fixed concealed ceilings

SBS offers a variety of concealed ceilings, including ceiling battens which can be used in ceilings where these battens have to be fixed directly to trusses, beams or floor joists, and we also offer a range of Slimceil concealed ceiling systems which are designed to help you install the ceilings that you require. All of our rails and clips are available in a wide variety of lengths and sizes, in order to meet the demands of your ceiling. To find out more about our range of concealed ceiling systems, contact SBS Direct today and speak to a member of staff.

We have a range of Concealed T-bar Ceiling Systems to best suit your requirements. Please contact us to find out more.

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