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Exposed T-bar Ceiling Systems

Exposed T-bar Ceiling Systems

The T-Bar ceiling, which is also known as Grid ceiling, is the most popular for offices around the world. The reason for this is that it is very simple to install & sections can be adjusted or replaced easily. Also gives easy access to ducts and wiring in the ceiling cavity. This system also adds a certain design and look to the entire room.

There are plenty of grid patterns, designs & finishes available. Some of your options for tiles are Plasterboard Tiles, Vinyl Plasterboard Tiles, Acoustic Tiles (Acoustic Paneling) & Timber Tiles.

The exposed grid ceiling system offers a view of inverted T sections, unlike the concealed grid ceiling which hides these bars behind plasterboard dropped ceiling. The exposed ceiling tends to be used in commercial or industrial settings and is particularly popular in offices across the globe. A significant reason for this popularity is that it is extremely easy to install the exposed T-bar ceiling systems, and also allows very easy access to ductwork and wiring within the ceiling cavity. The exposed T-bar system also has a particular look which makes it a popular feature of any office setting. There are a range of different options when it comes to choosing the perfect exposed ceiling system, and SBS Direct can offer a number of different ceiling design solutions.

Features of the exposed ceiling system

There are several different features of the T-bar ceiling system, and SBS Direct offers you a variety of different parts for the ceiling. We used the Armstrong and USG systems, and can provide you with a range of different ceiling systems, including one designed specifically for the needs of your property. Our equipment covers all of the pieces you will need to create the ceiling. These include:

  • Main tees
  • Cross tees
  • Wall angles
  • Bulkhead trim
  • suspension hangers
  • brackets
  • Gal wire

There are also a variety of different styles, including powder coated aluminium and colour bond steel, depending upon your requirements. The suspension hanger clips, which are designed for use in adjusting the ceiling height, and brackets which are fixed to the structure of the roof. All SBS Direct components for the exposed T-bar ceiling system have been checked by certified engineers, and meet the Australian standards requirements. We also offer a 30 year warranty with all of our components.

Accessories and aesthetics

In order to complete the ceiling, and to make it a functional ceiling for an office setting, you will also need to include a range of different accessories and tiles which will cover the main parts of the ceiling. In addition to the main parts of the exposed T-bar ceiling system, SBS Direct also supplies tiling to complete the ceiling. Our tile options include:

  • vinyl plasterboard
  • mineral fibre tyres
  • sizes 600 by 600
  • 600 by 1200
  • square edges
  • Tegular edge
  • many other options and colours available

Matching the style of tyre fitting to the requirements of your exposed ceiling can help to create a final look which enhances the entire room, rather than simply being functional and boring. In order to make sure that you can find the right accessories and exposed T-bar ceiling systems for your property, contact SBS Direct today. Our team can offer you advice on the type of ceiling which will best meet your needs, and also provide you with more information on the available tiling and accessory options. Contact us today to find out more about all of our T-bar ceiling systems.

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