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Fasteners are used by the construction industry to secure one object to another. There are a wide variety of different types of fastener, depending upon the objects being joined, and the size of the hole needed in order to ensure that they are secured together. When used as recommended by the maker, fasteners are virtually always the best way to secure items together during constructions. SBS Direct stock a wide range of different types of fastener, all of which can be used to connect two parts of the structure together, ranging from screws to anchors and pins or clouts.

Why the right fastener is essential

The failure of fasteners is one of the causes of injury and accidents during construction projects, and there are a number of reasons why the two objects, such as plasterboards, become detached from each other. A significant reason is that the fasteners are poorly manufactured, but another main reason is that the fasteners have been installed improperly, or are not suitable for the current purpose. The problems may result in fasteners falling out, or breaking after having been attached, or failing due to being unable to bear the loads required. Whenever you buy a fastener, you should make sure that you understand the load that it can bear, and the depth of penetration required, as these can affect the end result. You should also take the take to match the fastener to the right anchor, as this will help to protect the completed work.

Screws and fasteners

There is a wide range of different screws and fasteners available from SBS Direct. We stock a wide range of different materials for this purpose, including:

  • bugle head screws and collated screws
  • button head screws
  • Clouts
  • Collated screws
  • Course thread screws
  • Fine thread screws
  • Flat head screws
  • Needle point screws
  • Nylon anchors
  • Self-drill point screws
  • Sleeve anchors
  • Staples
  • Steel pin anchors
  • Villaboard screws
  • 19mm pins and gas

These screws can be used for a range of purposes, so, for example, the pins and gas will be used when securing something to concrete, while the bugle head screw is considered to be ideal for use with drywall panels. The particular shape of the head of the screw means that the panels can be fitted to the frame of the property without eventually slipping out of position. The majority of construction teams in Australia use some form of the bugle head screw when fitting drywall panels into buildings.

Buying screws

There are several different types of screws available from SBS Direct, and finding the fastener which meets your needs can be tough. Matching the screw to the anchor can also be very technical, but all of our materials are made by well-known manufacturers, including Powers and Macsim. To find out more about the range of screws offered, talk to SBS Direct today, or contact our team through our website, and ask for help with choosing the right screws.

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