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Steel Stud Systems

As Queensland’s stockist of Studco building systems, SBS Direct supplies quality steel framing systems in Brisbane. We provide high-quality ceiling and wall systems for the commercial and residential sectors and offer effective technical and engineering advice – all free of charge.

Steel Stud Systems

All steel products are manufactured by Studco Building Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative building products. For nearly 30 years, they have lead the industry in the manufacture of building systems such as suspended ceiling systems, steel house frames, steel stud partition systems and plasterboard finishing sections.

SBS Steel Framing Systems in Brisbane

SBS Direct wall systems include stud, track and noggins. These systems are not only manufactured by an ISO 9001 standard Quality Accredited Company (Studco) but also come with a written guarantee. This means that every requirement of yours is met with great precision.

Wouldn’t you love to have the peace of mind that your steel stud systems were of the highest standard and covered with a written guarantee?

Steel framing is an increasingly popular option which helps to reduce the limitations of using wood or PVC which can affect the design of construction projects. Steel frames are much stronger and more durable than traditional timbers, or more modern plastics. Steel framing with the use of steel stud systems is the best way to create a secure and strong frame for your interior walls. Steel studs sit perfectly straight, and will not split or shrink, unlike wood. They are also much more affordable when bought in bulk than their wooden relatives. While framing using steel stud systems can be slower to begin with, over time construction workers tend to find that steel framing is much more user-friendly, and it is easier to solve mistakes using steel parts rather than with wood.

Preparing the tracks

Before you start using steel studs in the fixing of your frames, it is important to make sure that you get the tracks cut and positioned. You may have to cut several tracks quickly, and this can be done using circular saws with metal cutting plate. You should begin by cutting on the closed side, also known as the web side, and support the peace using a cutting table or source. The majority of steel stud systems can be cut using a simple method, which involves snipping both sides, scoring across the centre of the start, and then bending in order to break it off. When handling the broken sections, it is important to wear gloves in order to prevent damage. Once the studs are prepared, you should lay out the track positions using concrete screws. Experts recommend you start by fastening ceiling and floor tracks, then fitting the studs in between these slowly. Start by marking the position of each start on the tracks, and then trim the studs to fit the height required. This is the best way to ensure that the studs fit together securely, and are fully supported.

Finding steel stud systems in Brisbane

Once you are sure that you can get the best out of using steel stud systems in your construction project, you can turn to SBS Direct in order to get all of the equipment that you need. We offer tracks, studs and noggins designed to create a complete system for your project. Our stud systems are also covered by a guarantee of high quality and precision. Our list of steel stud systems includes:

Wall studs

  • 55 BMT in 51mm, 64mm, 76mm and 92mm sizes
  • 75 BMT in 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes
  • 15 BMT in 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes

Floor and ceiling tracks

  • 55 BMT in 51mm, 64mm, 76mm and 92mm sizes
  • 75 BMT in 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes
  • 15 BMT in 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes

Deflection tracks

  • 55 BMT in 64mm, 76mm, and 92mm sizes
  • 75 BMT in 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes
  • 15 BMT in 64mm, 76mm, 92mm, and 150mm sizes


  • 75 BMT, 400 and 600 in 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes
  • track of 0.75 BMT, 400 and 600 in 64mm, 76mm, 92mm and 150mm sizes

EZY track

  • 55 BMT in 51mm, 64mm and 76mm sizes
  • 75 BMT in 92mm and 150mm sizes.

SBS Direct also supplies brackets, including angled and slotted. To find out more about our stud systems, call us today.

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