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Top Hat Facade System

Top Hat Facade System

We have a range of Top Hat Facade System to best suit your requirements. Please contact us to find out more.

Creating a facade on the exterior or interior of property means that you will always have the support that you need for cladding and another wall surfacing.  A number of wall structures cannot take the direct application of cladding to the walls, and this means that if you want to add tiling, panels or other forms of surfacing to your walls, it is necessary to use a facade system. These systems are designed to support the cladding and to keep it attached to the wall when it is in a horizontal. There are a number of different options available to ensure that you fit a facade that will last, and SBS Direct is here to help you with all of these.

What to look for in facade systems

When you are looking for a reliable form of facade system, there are certain things that you need to look for. These include:

  • Junction studs
  • Top hats
  • Weatherseal tape
  • Weatherseal backing strips
  • Superseal flexible sealant
  • 9mm Fibre cement sheet
  • screws

All of the material that you use in your facades will have to be tested, be code-compliant and must meet Australian Standards before it can be used in any construction project in Brisbane. You should also look for tools which meet the edge distances for installing fixing holes. All of the tools supplied by SBS Direct include these requirements, as well as being suitable for a range of different lining boards.

How to use Facade systems

When you are applying facade fittings to your construction property, then there are several things which you need to cover.  For example, you can use fittings made from galvanised steel in order to reduce the amount of corrosion on the fittings, along with water-resistant foam tape which also cuts back on corrosion. Horizontal strips help to seal the boards, offering complete weather protection for the property. You can use facade systems to help fit boards to concrete, steel, timber or building blocks, in order to increase the security of the fitting.

Facade system tools

We can provide you with all of the facade tools that you need in order to create a great look for your construction project. The junction studs available are 120mm for the primary stud, and 50mm for intermediate junction studs, ensuring that you can fit all of the pieces together into the frame. We also supply foam tape and backing strips which will help to seal the boards, and ensure that water doesn’t come into contact with the interior wall. The flexible sealant helps to ensure that all surfaces are weather resistant. SBS Direct’s facade system is approved for internal and external application, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. You can secure a number of different materials using our system, and you will also be working with a long-term warranty. To find out more about our services, or to discuss your options, call SBS Direct today or contact us through the website.

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