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Ezy Jamb

Ezy Jamb

EZY-Jamb is a split-type Jamb manufactured from cold rolled steel to produce a strong and secure assembly. EZY-Jamb comes with perforated sides for flush jointing which produces a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail.

  • We feature a full line of Door Frames with no trim – available for all of your project needs!
  • EZY-JAMB can provide you with trimless Door frame openings for your entire project.
  • EZY-JAMB has a complete line of Cavity Doors and other products to make your project as clean and modern-looking as possible.
  • EZY-JAMB also offers a variety of hinges from invisible hinges to our standard hinges, both which are designed for a clean contemporary look.

The unique design of EZY-Jamb combines visual appeal, strength and versatility.

SBS Direct is proud to be able to offer our customers EZY jamb. Architects and interior designers have been searching for many years for a way to create a modern flush finish on door jambs, while also ensuring that the finished product has clean lines. The use of EZY jamb can help customers to get the best from their finishes, and can also ensure that they are able to get a great finish without too much conspicuous detail. The rise of easy fitting finishing section such as the doorjamb means that construction companies now have a great way to get the best from their property finishes.

Uses for EZY jambs

The main reason for using EZY door jambs is that they offer a flush door system without frames, allowing for a more minimal design. When you install the jamb, you can fit it without the use of architraves, or gapping around the door. This means that when your designer calls for a minimalist design, EZY jamb will offer you the best options. The flush finish also means that only the handle will show off the door, which can be perfect if you are intending to fit concealed doors in rooms. Alongside the finish, you will also be able to install concealed hinges, which add to the flush position of the door, and ensure that the door is as hidden as possible. You can do away with large changes and use finger pull accessories to ensure that the door remains hidden, and the EZY jamb will help you with this.

SBS Direct and EZY jambs

SBS Direct supplies EZY jamb door frames made in steel from STUDCO, specialist manufacturers of steel items for the construction industry. The jamb is a split style, made from steel which has been cold rolled in order to make it stronger and tougher. The jamb is also available with perforated sides, which means that you can joint it flush with the wall in order to create a cleaner line. SBS Direct can offer our customers a wide range of different EZY jamb designs:

  • full line of door frames without trim
  • EZY jamb for door frame openings without trim
  • EZY jamb for cavity doors
  • EZY jamb door hinges-these range from standard hinges to invisible hinges, designed for a clean and modern look.

All of these features can be ideal for your construction project, and can be used throughout the building. Whether you are constructing a residential property or a commercial building, having the EZY jamb design can make fitting easier, and will also allow your project to have a modern and clean line look.

Get EZY jambs today

You can find a full range of EZY jamb designs on offer with SBS Direct. To find out more about our services, contact us today. You can call us, or write a message through our online boards. You can talk to a member of staff about our EZY finishing sections, and get help with ordering and delivery.

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