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Cedar Wood Panelling

Western Red Cedar is ideal for wood panelling. Achieve fantastic results and enhance your internal and out-of-weather external walls and ceilings with cedar wood panelling solutions.

Cedar Wood Panelling

A fantastic finish for any construction project, cedar wood panelling is the perfect way to create warmth, to add character, and increase the value of the property. Panels made from cedar wood and other natural woods are often specified in architectural designs, as they can add natural or traditional styles to a modern building. Cedar wood is often used because it is a renewable and sustainable material, and it can be used on both interior and exterior panels in order to create a fantastic end result. Many homeowners choose to add cedar wood panelling during DIY sessions, so it makes sense to make the most out of cedar wood panels while construction projects are ongoing.

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External wood panelling

One of the most modern ways to make use of cedar wood panelling is to use it as cladding on the exterior of the building. In order to ensure that the wood remains in good condition and does not deteriorate under the action of the elements, preservative materials often used in order to protect the timber. SBS Direct offers a number of unique profile designs which help to ensure that installation is easy and the finish is smooth and seamless. You can use hidden nails or glue to attach the panels to your framework without any fuss. We have a wide variety of high quality solutions, including modern and contemporary styles as well as traditional panels. Just browse our range, or contact SBS Direct to find out more about our cedar wood panelling.

Get a seamless finish

Installing red cedar wood panelling can be cumbersome and difficult unless you use SBS Direct panels. Our Screenclad and Castelation panelling ensures that you can get the best from the panels that you fit, while creating the modern batten style. At SBS Direct we offer a number of different features, including:

  • interlocking panels which give consistent integrity and alignment
  • interlocking tongues for discreet nail fixing
  • regular lines and shadows
  • Batten installation allows for efficient and uncomplicated fitting
  • secure acoustic properties
  • standard width in two thicknesses
  • environmental credentials including certified options

You can use these panels whatever you need to apply red cedar wood decoration. Our panels can cover a range of different construction projects, and be used on:

  • exterior cladding
  • portico and alfresco ceilings
  • media rooms
  • entranceways
  • commercial designs
  • shopping centre facilities
  • bulkheads
  • gable facades and endpoints.

At SBS Direct we offer a variety of Cedar, Castelation and Screenclad options to suit the requirements of anyone fitting wooden panels. If you want a contemporary finish that fits seamlessly into any environment, then you should consider our panelling. For crisp lines and accurate fitting, look no further than our panels. With high quality environmental credentials and accurate panelling, contact SBS direct today to find out more about our wooden panelling options, and to talk to a member of staff about how to choose the right panelling for your construction project.

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