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Fast Cap

Fast Cap

Rebates….Fastcap is the answer. Custom finishing and capping of plasterboard is made easy with Fastcaps® range of custom made finishing sections. Our custom design and consultancy team is ready to help design and produce an innovative solution to your requirements for any size project. Fastcaps® custom finishing sections make the finishing of difficult plasterboard profiles, rebates and large oversized shadow lines a dream.

Custom profiles made to suit.

For a fast solution to all your requirements.

  • Light troffers
  • Recessed curtain pelmets
  • Ceiling features
  • Sliding door receptacle
  • Flush-finish bookshelves
  • Recessed wall features

Making rebates for ceilings and drywall is made much easier with the use of fastcaps: a range of finishing products. These capping methods are the perfect way to ensure that walls and ceilings are finished to a high standard and that the caps themselves fit in with the demand for clean lines and fine finishes. The use of Fastcap methods has been gaining ground with architectural teams in Brisbane, as they allow you to create flush rebates on ceilings, square set helmets, and finish off other drywalls. They can also be used to create their own features and can be used with a range of different accessories to finish off ceilings and walls.

Reasons to use fastcap

There are several reasons why you should consider choosing Fastcap on your construction project. Firstly, the Fastcap is considerably more efficient than any other method and can make adding pelmets into plasterboard ceilings or creating ceiling rebates much quicker and more cost-effective. Architects hoping to make a fashionable design without spending too much money can make use of these caps in order to get the best look. The Fastcap method also means that you get the opportunity to custom finish plasterboard, and sections can be used to create stoppers between two pieces of plasterboard which would otherwise have an unsightly gap. Whether you want rebates to create lighting or to conceal curtains, or if you simply want to make a dramatic design on your ceiling, the Fastcap method is the best option.

Using Fastcap

The most obvious reason for using Fastcap above any other is that it allows you to custom finish sections quickly and without having to use a lot of expensive tools and skills. The custom finish is available for a range of different sections, and can also make it easier to finish off awkward drywall profiles, or to install oversized shadow lines, all without having to break a sweat.

The Fastcap option can be used for a range of different requirements including:

  • flush curtain pelmets
  • recessed light troughs
  • concealed fixtures in ceilings
  • architectural features

Adding the Fastcap attachment to any plasterboard is easy, and requires a minimum of screws, with no attachments at all required at the top of the rebate. This makes lines cleaner and more appealing to the eye.

SBS Direct supplies EZY Fastcap

SBS Direct is pleased to be able to offer our customers the Fastcap option when it comes to installing rebates and pelmets.

The Fastcap confers many advantages over other forms of capping, including:

  • perforated edges for easy integration into ceilings
  • cold rolled, zinc coated steel
  • fast to install
  • stronger than MDF or plaster caps
  • custom-made to your size requirements
  • no preparation for finishes
  • built in Australia

To find out more about how Fastcap can be used in your construction project, and to make sure that you get the custom-built size that you need, contact SBS Direct today and talk to a member of our team.

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