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Cavity Slider

Cavity Slider

Adding an architectural dimension to every project, the Ezy-Jamb Cavity Slider has been designed to completely conceal an open pocket door, creating an impression that it does not exist. When closed, the door creates a smooth continuous transition between rooms and adds an element of privacy.

Cavity sliders are an innovative way of making the most out of small spaces, and can be a significant advantage when you are finishing a construction project. These doors are built with tracks on the inside of the wall space, which means that homeowners don’t have to pull doors in or out in order to get into a cupboard. Where space is particularly tight, cavity sliders can be the best solution to the problem, opening up not only wall spaces, but also allowing access into attics or into spaces on the floor. By using cavity slider doors to access space inside the property, construction projects can maximise the amount of storage space available to buyers, and increase the value of the property.

Choosing the right cavity sliders

The majority of cavity slider doors use aluminium trackers with nylon rollers, offering a quiet and smooth opening option which can be perfect for customers. It is also possible to buy door frames and tracking systems which have removable jambs, which allow easy access and possible adjustment to allow for either right or left opening options. Varieties of cavity slider door include melamine or glass sliding doors, bi-part sliding doors and placed panels, which are perfect options for very close or windy areas. SBS Direct is proud to introduce the EZY- jamb cavity slider, which is able to completely seal off packet doors, concealing it from unsuspecting visitors. When the door is closed, it provides a continuous, and smooth, transition, while also adding to privacy.

Top quality EZY cavity sliders

We offer top end cavity sliders which:

  • reduce the need for ugly and obvious pelmets
  • provide a square set finish
  • offer a heavy duty frame
  • guarantee quieter operation
  • rollers come with positive closing
  • the top of the door is within four millimetres of the track
  • invisible T guide for floor bottoms
  • heavy duty four-wheel rollers

Our square set options ensure closer jambs, meaning that the door is almost completely flush with the wall, and is therefore better able to conceal the presence of the door in the room. This can be very important to property owners, and may be used to conceal ensuites, and private areas.

Finishing the cavity slider

To make sure that the cavity slider fits in with the rest of the construction project, it is important to have the right finishing materials. SBS Direct provides four different finishes:

  • square set
  • Shadowline
  • architrave
  • aluminium

Our complete aluminium system ensures that the parts are always efficient, and provide a better option than either steel or timber when fitting the doors. The finishes also ensure that the cavity sliders match the existing structure, in order to provide the best concealment possible. We have a range of options which can be used to provide cavity doors for any construction property. To find out more, contact us today and discuss your cavity slider installation needs with our staff members.

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