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Plasterboard and Compounds

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Plasterboard is one of the essential components of any construction project, and there are several different varieties of this board for different situations and positions. The basic plasterboard is made from a pair of boards with an internal layer of gypsum, a type of water-bound crystals. The addition of extra ingredients to the gypsum, or the use of particular types of board, will make the finished plasterboard very different, and this will affect its ratings and its uses. Understanding what type of plasterboard can be used where can take a working lifetime, but there are a few simple facts that you should know about specialist forms of plasterboard in order to make the right choices when it comes to your own construction projects.

Fire-resistant plasterboard

Many construction projects have to deal with the demands of the Building Code that attached buildings have to be separated by fire-resistant walls. This is designed to prevent the spread of fire from one property to another in townhouses and terraces. The fire separation has to meet the requirements of the Building Code’s performance expectations, and this means that the wall must not have timber or combustible elements within the wall, and that gaps have to be plugged. One way in which many construction companies choose to meet this demand is with the use of fire-resistant plasterboard. These panels can be used on both the interior walls and the ceilings in order to increase the fire security of the structure.

Acoustic Plasterboard

Another important element of building construction with shared walls is sound-reduction. The use of acoustic plasterboard in this area is particularly necessary, as Australian standards demand that decibel levels should be less than 40 in living rooms, and lower than 35 in bedrooms. This means that you require plasterboard that has been specifically designed in order to combat the amount of sound coming from external sources. The application of plasterboard will ensure that the home meets Australian standards, with around 10mm of plasterboard used in order to reduce the amount of sound coming into the property.

Plasterboard and joint compounds

In addition to choosing the right plasterboard, you will also need to find the perfect compound to seal it.

SBS Direct offers a wide range of different types of plasterboard and compounds, including:

  • Acoustic boards
  • Ceiling boards
  • Fire rated boards
  • Green star environmental plasterboard
  • Villa board
  • Wallboard
  • Basecoat
  • Topping compounds

These offer Gyprock plasterboard products which are designed to meet the needs of all construction projects, particularly the plasterboard which is used on environmental projects. The latter ensures that no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacture and that the board is as environmentally friendly as possible, essential when constructing Green Star buildings. Ceiling tiles, including those with vinyl facing, are also available from us. If you have any questions, or just want more information about our products, simply call us today and talk to a member of staff about your needs.

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