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Access Panels

SBS Direct supplies an extensive range of access panels in Brisbane to the construction industry that are high quality and are suitable for many applications. These panels can be installed in either walls, ceilings, shafts or floors. They are available with either a set bead edge or a flanged edge (feathered edge).

Access Panels

Access panels are designed to ensure that homeowners and utilities staff can access important areas of the home without leaving them out in the open. When you need access panels for building renovation, then we offer a wide range of different varieties of panel to ensure that you are covered for all events. These panels range from wall and ceiling access panels which allow entry into wiring and cable points inside walls and ceilings, to access panels for home security devices, for bathroom renovation, or even for essential utilities such as gas and water. Access panels can be fitted into walls, floors, ceilings and shafts. We can provide you with all of these options for your access panel needs.

Varieties of panels

It is important to find the right type of panel for the needs of the property that is being constructed.

SBS direct offer a number of different access panels for the construction industry:

  • standard non-rated access panels
  • tile access panels
  • acoustic rated access panels
  • plastic access panels
  • fire rated access panels

Acoustic access panels come supplied with metal or MDF doors, according to the customer’s preference. They also have foam seals around the doors perimeter to help reduce noise leakage. Fire rated access panels have one or two hour ratings, or can be customised to suit required fire ratings. We also supply panels which have fire ratings on either side in order to accommodate shaft applications. Tiled access panels have recess doors to ensure that the panels much other tiles on ceilings, floors or walls. They also have touch locks to ensure easy access.

Securing access panels

Another important aspect of the access is to make sure that they are fully secure. Choosing the right type of locks for your access panels can help to ensure that the home is secure and that access panels cannot be used as a way to enter into the property. For example, budget locks will help to keep the property secure, and are the best way to prevent gas and other utility systems from opening on their own, alongside the more advanced but still effective touch locks. SBS direct offer a number of different locks:

  • budget lock
  • touch lock
  • coin lock
  • key lock

Sizes for panels

In addition to choosing the security for the panels, it will also be necessary to find a panel which will allow full access to the cables and meters secured behind it. SBS Direct also offer panels in a variety of different sizes, including:

  • 300 by 300
  • 450 by 450
  • 500 by 500
  • 600 by 600

SBS Direct also offers custom sized access panels of any size in order to meet the requirements of your project. With a wide variety of access panels, sizes and locks, you can get the panels you need from SBS Direct today. Call us now, or contact us to find out more and to discuss recommendations and access panel options.

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