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Cavkit can be used to transform standard cavity sliders into architrave free, flush finish cavity sliders. This also complements and tones in with the Ezyjamb® flush finish door jamb system. The Cavkit is made up of Ezyreveal® and Ezycap® to trim and cap the plaster edges around the door penetration. Custom made closer cap can be produced to suit any specification.

  • EZY Jamb has a full line of trimless products to make your project as modern and beautiful as possible.
  • EZY Jamb’s Cavkit System consists of EZY Reveal and Ezy Cap, combined with Aluminum Sections to create a contemporary clean line look throughout your entire project.
  • The frames can easily be installed using our complete Installation Instructions.

Cavity sliders are one of the most popular modern forms of hidden alcove, and have been increasingly used by architects to create extra space within the room. A cavity slider is both extremely contemporary, looking almost futuristic, and yet is still a practical way to save space when you need to open doors in tight areas. It is one of the most efficient ways to avoid using a hinged door, and can also ensure that the floor and wall spaces are clear, and uncluttered. If you wish to have a cavity slider in your construction project, then it is also important to make sure that you get the best look for your room with the use of special technology such as the cavkit.

Cavity sliders and the cavkit

When you need to install a cavity slider in a property, then you may be uncertain how to fit it into the space provided without interrupting the clean line finish of the rest of the room. In modern buildings, this is one of the most difficult tasks which construction teams face, and the issues of making architraves in a room which focuses upon flush finishes and smooth walls can be extremely difficult. The cavkit is designed to help you finish off the room without the need of architraves or wall stoppers. It combines two features of the EZY jamb room design set in order to help you to control the ages of your cavity space. By using these tools, you get the ability to make a flush finish cavity slider for any room.

Advantages of the cavkit

There are several advantages to choosing the cavkit above any other type of cavity slider. Firstly, the tools included in the kit are part of the EZY jamb toolkit, and this means that you can use these in conjunction with a range of other options from the EZY set to create a harmonious look throughout the room. Secondly, the whole point of the EZY design is to make finishing off projects much easier. The kit can help you to complete the cavity project quickly and efficiently, and without having to use a lot of additional tools. You get architrave-free finishes which are compatible with the rest of the room, and can also benefit if you are looking to conceal the cavity slider inside the room, since the EZY kit makes it harder to distinguish from the rest of the room.

Get the cavkit today

We are able to offer our customers a complete installation system for your cavity slider. By using SBS Direct, you get access to a kit which can help you to create the perfect cavity door sliders for a modern flush finish. Using the cavkit means that you:

  • get EZY reveal and EZY cap tools
  • get aluminium sections for clean line looks
  • access a full line of products without trim to create a contemporary feel
  • can easily install frames using our installation instructions

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