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Tools & Abrasives

Tools & Abrasives

Whether you are a large building corporation or a DIY enthusiast, SBS Direct has a variety of reliable, durable and sustainable tools you have been looking for.

Stockists of quality brands such as Marshalltown, OX, Estwings and Axis, all your plastering and building tools are available for the professional contractor.  From the roof to the floor, you can rest with the satisfaction that your tools are of the highest quality available.

The construction industry has a large range of tools and abrasive equipment which are designed to help construction teams to make a high-quality build. The range of tools is so wide that it can be very difficult for any single brochure to cover all of the equipment that might be needed on any one construction project. SBS Direct supplies an extensive range of tools and abrasives for people working on construction projects and can offer you important insights into the types of tools that it might be best for you to buy prior to embarking on any type of construction or building. There are some basic tools which are essential, and also some more complicated tools which might make completing the work easier or faster.

The crimping tool

The majority of modern construction projects involve a lot of metalwork, and so it can be important to have a series of crimping tools designed to speed up the metalworking process. Crimping tools are specifically used to help bind two pieces of metal together, usually by deforming the ends in order to create a locking joint. In electrical work, crimping is used to connect the ends of cables to connectors. In the construction industry, using steel frames often requires the assistance of a crimping tool. In the past, this work would have been done by hand, but it is now completed micro quickly and accurately using crimping devices.

Estwing hammers

Another example of the range of tools available for the construction industry is the Estwing hammer. These are not a specific design of hammer but are products made by a globally renowned manufacturing company from America. These hammers are known for being made from a single piece of specifically designed tool steel, supposedly to give the hammer additional strength, and to make it more durable over long periods of time. The manufacturers make a range of different hammers, from the standard claw hammer to more modern adaptions of this method to mallets and flat hammers. Choosing the perfect Estwing hammer can provide construction teams with durable equipment that will help to make their work easier and more efficient.

Tools and abrasives at SBS Direct

If you want to have the best choice of tools and abrasives in Brisbane, then SBS Direct is the supplier to choose. We have a wide range of different abrasive devices and tools to help teams working on any construction project.

Our supplies include:

  • crimpers
  • drill bits
  • Estwing hammers
  • floats
  • gas guns
  • mixers
  • taping knives

Whether you require help with plastering, with building or creating steel frames, SBS Direct offers a range of sustainable, durable and reliable tools to help you complete the job. From jobs to the floor to the ceiling, you can find everything you need from us, all at a high quality and for a reasonable price. Construction companies and DIY fans can find out more by contacting SBS Direct today online, or by phone.

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