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Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants

Sealants and adhesives in the construction industry are often used to secure joints or connections in a building in order to assist with weatherproofing, and to prevent the loss of heat and air conditioning through seams and joints contained within the property. Ensuring the structural integrity of the building requires professional sealants and adhesives that have the essential adhesive properties required to create a seal around the building. In order to ensure that the sealant is able to provide these necessary seals, it is important to use specially designed construction adhesives. We are able to supply construction and handy working teams with the required sealants.

Function of sealants and adhesives

There are several different varieties of adhesives and sealants, and the function they serve may depend upon the variety of adhesive purchased. In most cases, sealants are designed to waterproof areas, ensuring that moisture is kept out of the rooms. Sealants may be used in areas where electrics have been installed, and they may be also used to fill in areas around electrical sockets. Frequently, they are used for a variety of purposes at the same time, so that for example a caulking sealant will have three uses, including filling the gap between substrates, developing a barrier between two areas, and  sticking the sealed properties together for the required lifetime of the building. In order to make sure that you get the perfect sealant or adhesive for your purposes, it is important to select the correct functions prior to sticking.

Uses of sealants and adhesives

There are also a wide range of different uses for sealants and adhesives. These can include making an expansion, binding metal to metal or masonry to masonry. It can be used to bind dissimilar joints, including concrete to wood and masonry to metal. It may be used in sealing joints between precast panels, for sealing the perimeters of doors and window frames, to seal exposed masonry, and to create bonding between expansion joints in curtain walls.

Types of adhesives and sealants

SBS Direct is proud to be able to offer a number of different adhesives and sealants for use in the construction industry. These include:

  • Super Seal sealants
  • Fire Rated Sealants
  • Gap and Joint fillers
  • Toolbox adhesive sealant
  • Construction adhesive


Our sealants consist of a variety of well-known sealant manufacturer’s products available in Brisbane for the construction industry. By providing a bond between two joints or structures, sealants help to create a tight fit for all areas. Our sealants are completely insoluble, resistant to fire, smoke and gas, resistant to dust, and are noncorrosive. To find out more about our sealants, call SBS Direct today.


We stock a wide range of different adhesives for Brisbane construction companies. These adhesives are recommended for use in the bonding and binding of a broad range of materials, including plasterboard, timber, steel and even plastic. We have a number of recommendations which can help construction teams to make the perfect choices each time. Call SBS Direct today on 1300 89 222 5!

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