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Ezy Reveal

Ezy Reveal

Ezy RevealQuick and economical finishing of window reveals. Are you looking for square set window openings without architraves? EZY-REVEAL does just that!

EZY-REVEAL provides a strong and durable surface for window sills and the ideal for the clean lines and flush finish look around window and door openings. This product can be painted with the wall colour and will not crack or break up under harmful UV Rays.

  • Designed for quick and economical finishing of reveal from 20 to 150mm.
  • 17 width variants to suit various applications
  • Specially formulated surface finish for seamless connection with plasterboard
  • Ezy-Reveal can be used with PVC finish trim to create custom size reveals

Not only does Ezy Reveal create a flush finish for all window frames, it is manufactured specifically to eliminate warping, twisting, cracking and UV ray damage. Ezy Reveal has been designed as a quick and economic finish and is also available for custom size manufacture.

NOTE: take out (from 37mm and larger)

EZY-REVEAL can now also be custom made in any reveal width, from 37mm and larger, in 1mm increments.

Ezy Reveal

Flush finishing on a construction project doesn’t stop when it comes to the windows, and EZY reveal are there to help you match up the windows with the rest of your build. These reveals are designed to ensure that you can install window openings quickly and easily without having to use trims. There are several advantages to using EZY reveal on your windows, including creating a matching look for the rest of the room. If you have been using EZY jambs for your doors, then using reveal for your windows can create a uniform look which is pleasing to the eye. It will also ensure that you get the job done quickly, and are able to finish the project quickly.

Using EZY reveal

Made from steel which has been cold rolled, these items have strength and accuracy which helps construction teams to install window finishes smoothly and cleanly. Being able to add these to the window edge helps teams to reduce the risk of cracking, warping and twisting, and will also not be affected by UV rays as much as other window finishes. In addition, it is also an excellent choice for using when you wish to support window sills without reducing the clean lines and flush finish of the room. Using EZY reveal can help you to create a perfect finish for window openings. They can be connected directly to plasterboard corners, and only require a couple of small else to secure to the board. Once fitted there, you can then start installing the window glass itself. By using the pre-perforated sides to secure the reveal to the plasterboard, you can get a seamless connection which looks fantastic.

Simple installation with EZY reveal

There is a lot that can go wrong when trying to create window finishes that look impressive, and if you have had previous experience with traditional methods of creating window finishes, then you may be relieved to turn to EZY reveal. With this product, you don’t have to create architraves, and instead you get clean lines and flush finishes without the need to spend hours detailing every part of the corner. Installation is, in fact, much easier than with standard reveals and finishes, and if you need to extend the size of the finish, then you may be able to use additional trim in order to get the reveal that you need.

SBS Direct and EZY reveal

At SBS Direct, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a range of EZY reveal options for their needs. There are several reasons to use EZY reveal on your windows:

  • quick and easy finishing
  • reveals from 20mm to 150mm
  • up to 17 width variations to suit customers needs
  • surface finish allows seamless connection to plasterboard
  • can be used with PVC finish trim in order to make custom reveals
  • custom sizes for width and length are available

To find out about the specific sizes SBS Direct has available, contact us today.

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