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Insulation is a must. Used in every commercial and residential building, it has many advantages which include the regulation of internal temperatures and noise reduction.

SBS Direct stocks high-quality standard insulation in Brisbane for your basic needs. In addition, different variations for special requirements can be ordered and delivered with quick turn-around time.

We have a range of Insulation to best suit your requirements.

  • Board
  • Blankets
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation

Adding insulation to property is generally seen as good practice, and it can be very helpful in improving the value of the building. Insulation comes in a variety of different forms, including acoustic and thermal insulation, both of which are designed to increase existing properties of the building or to protect against various weaknesses. SBS Direct offer a number of different insulation solutions for your construction project and understanding how these can help you to improve the property can ensure that you pick the right insulation and get the temperature regulation or noise reduction that you require.

Adding Acoustic insulation

Many people are bothered by noisy neighbours, and in Brisbane, this can lead to a lot of tension between homeowners and businesses. In order to protect the property against excess noise, or to prevent noise from inside the building bothering neighbours, properly insulating the building is essential. Insulation against sound may take a variety of different forms, including battens, sheets and panels. In the majority of cases, they have a sound-resilient layer of fibre or foam which deadens sound from nearby properties. The boards are frequently sealed using flanking strips, which block off sound from the bottom of the board.

Adding thermal insulation

There are many good reasons to add thermal insulation to the property. Insulation prevents heat loss or gain, acting as a barrier to prevent heat from passing through brick walls. It is one of the most practical ways to increase the energy efficiency of a building and could ensure up to 40% energy savings in heating and AC bills. Insulation may also limit mould and other moisture-related problems by reducing condensation. Thermal insulation needs to meet R-values minimums, which is 2.8 for walls and 4.1 for ceilings in Brisbane and should also meet building codes and Australian standards. The R-values for insulation will also be affected by how you install the panels, including failure to install panels correctly, leaving spaces between panels or battens, and damaging or compressing the boards so that the insulation material is flattened.

Get insulation products today

SBS Direct offer a range of different types of insulation, including:

  • Acoustic
  • Thermal
  • Blankets
  • Boards

All of these can be used by the construction industry to try to reduce the amount of noise or heat within the property. SBS Direct uses high-quality materials to create insulation for Brisbane construction projects, and also supply a variety of products for special requirements, which can be ordered through the website, and will be delivered very quickly. We can help you to find the insulation which your construction needs in order to be certain that it meets the codes required, and we can also offer you suggestions about the best type of insulation to use in your construction project. If you want more information about insulation or about any of the products offered by SBS Direct, call us or contact us online to discuss your options with a member of our staff, and to arrange delivery.

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