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Ezy Pelmet

Ezy Pelmet

The newest addition to the EZY family of flush-finish products adds a completely new dimension to the internal perimeter of square-set interiors. Window blinds disappear, feature lighting is cleverly concealed and vast panoramas open up before your eyes with the all new Ezy-Pelmet® .

Ezy-Pelmet® is a two piece, pre-finished cold-rolled steel section which provides a fast, economical and prestigious solution for creating recessed window pelmets in plasterboard ceilings. It provides a simple and discrete transition between the interior ceiling and external windows, curtain wall facades or the building structure.

  • Contemporary, clearview design
  • Flush-finish edge for square-set interiors
  • Completely concealed fixings
  • Does not require fixing from the top
  • Finished in white, no need to paint
  • Install from below after ceiling
  • Fastest method for creating window pelmets
  • Suitable for blinds, curtain, lights & more

Ezy-Pelmet® is at home in apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, houses and just about any other  application where a luxurious, clearview outlook is sought.

Ezy Pelmet

For clean lines and a contemporary design, hiding blinds or curtains tracks and lighting methods beneath the pelmet can be one of the best choices available. Pelmets are designed to conceal fixtures and fittings around window frames, and can be used either decoratively, in order to hide curtain tracks and rods, or in order to try to add insulation to the window through the prevention of convection currents. In the past, many house builders used valances in order to perform the same function, but pelmets tend to be made from wood or other durable materials which tend to last longer and look better in the long term. By creating an attractive case for your curtain rods or lighting details, you get to have more control over the final appearance of your room.

Benefits of EZY pelmets

The basic design of a pelmet means that specially constructed boxes such as EZY pelmets can be the best way to ensure that all of the curtain rods are concealed without having to custom build for each window. For best results, it is a good idea to make sure that the design of the pelmet is included in the architectural design. This ensures that the builder can order frames and trusses to match the size of the pelmet. By adding a pelmet to the room, blinds and feature lighting can be concealed, adding a contemporary feel to the room. The EZY pelmet is made from two pieces of cold rolled steel, which can be attached together to create recessed pelmets into ceilings. These pelmets help to break up the traditional window shape of rooms, meaning that there is a much more discreet transition between the ceiling and the windows, giving a more panoramic view from the room.

Using EZY pelmets

The EZY pelmet can be used in any situation where a contemporary, clean line finish is required. This means that it can be fitted into residential builds including houses and apartments, in commercial structures such as offices and stores, and in hospitals and schools. Essentially, the EZY pelmet might be used anywhere that requires a clear, clean line. The pelmet connects directly to the frame of the window, and then to the plasterboard which is part of the concealed or suspended ceiling systems. This means that using it with other parts of the STUDCO system can help you to create a final, modern finish which appeals to a wide range of different audiences.

SBS Direct and EZY pelmets

SBS Direct is proud to be able to offer EZY pelmets to our customers. There are several reasons why this form of pelmet attachment can benefit your industry:

  • offers contemporary, clean finishes
  • provides flush finishes in square set interiors
  • no fixing required for the top
  • can be installed after ceiling
  • fast efficient method for adding window pelmets
  • concealed fixings
  • White finish requiring no paint
  • suitable for curtains, blinds, lights and other fittings

To find out more about the sizes available for your window pelmet, or to order custom sizes, contact SBS Direct today.

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