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Aluminium Products

Aluminium Products

Solutions for all your aluminum extrusions.

SBS Direct offer a number of different aluminium products for the Brisbane construction industry. Our aluminium window frames and door frames are supplied in kit form in order to ensure easy assembly. We also offer a number of aluminium skirting options, designed to allow you to provide the best finish for construction projects. Construction teams can find a wide variety of different skirting options, including anodised finish, plain mill finish, or powder coated. Whatever your aluminium product need, SBS Direct can help you to ensure that your finished project looks fantastic.

Aluminium products

We can supply you with a variety of aluminium products to assist in the finish of your construction project. These include:

  • Door frames
  • Aluminium doors
  • Window frames
  • Glazing sections
  • Head tracks
  • Shadowline head tracks
  • Wall tracks
  • Shadowline wall tracks
  • a variety of aluminium skirting

When you need aluminium products for your construction project, SBS Direct are there to help. Contact us now to discuss your needs, or request our aluminium products catalogue.

Aluminium skirting

A broad range of aluminium skirting options means that you can get the required look for your project’s finish. We supply a variety of aluminium skirting styles, including:

  • standard screw-on aluminium skirting
  • glue on aluminium skirting
  • flat bar skirting

Our standard skirting is available in 100mm, 125mm and also 150mm. Its length size is 3.7 metres. It also has a 10mm groove on the upper edge of the aluminium skirting to ensure that it can be screwed onto the wall. This groove can then be filled with a rubber strip, in colours black or grey. This is available in 100m rolls. The glue on skirting maybe fixed with either double sided tape or glue, and is very similar to the screw-on in style, except without the 10mm groove. This skirting is available in 100mm wide sections. Both glue on and screw-on skirting use plastic joiners. These are available in white, grey, or black, and can be reversed to be fitted over both internal and external corners.

The flat bar skirting option is available as just a simple flat aluminium section, which is able to be fixed to the wall using either double sided tape or glue. This is available in both 80mm and 10 0mm widths, with a length of 3.6 metres per section.

EZY skirting

This type of skirting is available for construction teams looking for clean, minimalist lines. This skirting is perfect for companies looking for a flat skirting which is flush to the wall. The EZY skirting with Shadowline fittings offers the best way to create a flat and attractive looking aluminium skirting board. By using this method, you can create a 10mm skirting detail which matches the look of the finished project. To find out more about our aluminium skirting, or to seek brochures and information about our products, call SBS Direct today, or contact us through our website, and talk to one of our professional teams.

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