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Aluminium Skirting

Aluminium Skirting

Aluminium Skirting is available in many different styles, sizes and finishes. SBS Direct supplies aluminium skirting mostly with a clear anodised finish but it also available in a plain mill finish or powder coated to any colour specified by a client. The styles of aluminium skirting available, include:

  • Standard Screw On Skirting
  • Glue On Skirting
  • Flat Bar Skirting

Standard Screw on Skirting comes in 100 mm, 125mm or 150mm and length size of 3.7 meters. It has a 10mm groove at the top edge of the skirting to allow for screwing the skirting to the wall. The groove is then filled with a rubber strip, which a colour choice of either black or grey. This comes in a 100-meter roll.

In modern contemporary building design, clean lines are one of the most important features of a build. Creating a pure finish is exceedingly difficult for construction teams, and requires a lot of tools and skill in order to get the final look. One of the most complex parts of the installation is fitting skirting boards to the lower edge of the walls, and it can be one of the most significantly time-consuming and difficult parts of the builds. A great solution is to use EZY skirt methods to construct your skirting. This technology allows you to create a clean line appearance using their specially constructed materials. By harnessing this technology, construction teams may reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete this part of the build.

Benefits of EZY skirt

Alongside making the build more efficient and economical, the EZY skirt option also has other benefits. The first is that it can easily create a clean line appearance without the need for expensive materials and skill sets. The second is that it is exceedingly resilient to the everyday bumps and knocks which skirting is exposed to. This means that it is resistant to wear and tear, keeping its strength and conditioning without too much effort. For DIY teams and landlord, this is a significant appeal for the skirt. Being both contemporary and resilient means that it is also likely to appeal to homeowners, or to meet the demands of commercial buildings, meaning that companies which can offer this option are likely to have a broader appeal.

Using EZY skirt

The skirting system allows for a small shadow line gap between the end of the plasterboard and the start of the skirting, which can ensure that the line is clean and straight. By simply attaching the skirting boards to the stud wall, you can create a fantastic modern look without the more difficult aspects of installation of skirting boards. Using the invisible joiners which are attached using base clips and drywall screws into the stud, you can create a fantastic looking skirting board which fits seamlessly into the appearance of the room. It may also be attached using adhesives, which help to create the seamless look which many contemporary designs require, while still being very robust.

SBS Direct and EZY skirt

SBS Direct is pleased to be able to provide our customers with EZY skirt options for their skirting boards. We can provide you with a number of options for aluminium EZY skirt boards. Our options include:

  • anodised directly fixed available in 80 by 1.6mm and 100 by 1.6mm
  • 100mm anodised screw fix, with additional rubber insert for end caps

SBS Direct can supply you with these contemporary skirting options that allow you to create a modern look for your construction project. To find out more about the type of EZY skirt boards that you would require for your build, and get more information, talk to SBS Direct today by calling us or contacting us online.

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