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Plasterboard Sections

SBS Direct stocks a wide variety of plasterboard sections in various sizes – perfect for your every need. Manufactured by Studco Building Systems these sections are of the highest quality and come complete with a written guarantee.

Plasterboard Sections

In order to support a drywall and plasterboard interior, it is necessary to have the right plasterboard sections. These are the support frames for your interior walls, and need to be correctly positioned and installed in order to help support the finished drywall. The importance of using plasterboard sections in order to create the perfect finish should never be overlooked, and these sections can prove to be very important in making sure that your drywall is remain secured in position for the lifetime of the building. In order to understand why you need these sections, you have to know their purpose, and how they can help to support interior walls.

Using plasterboard sections

The majority of plasterboard sections are used where it is possible for drywall to part, or to move, after the work has finished. The plasterboard angles are used where there may be movement in joints, for example with a perforated external angle, or with an expansion joint, which is used for areas where movement is particularly likely, but where small amounts of movement might be necessary in order to ensure that the wall retains its integrity. The plasterboard sections are applied during the joint compound stage, and help to create clean, defined edges on joints and curved areas. The perforated nature of the sections means that joint compounds can secure the section to the wall, and the corners are particularly resistant to knocks and other potential damage. Fitting the plasterboard sections into position requires time and effort, but is useful when seeking to ensure that the board remains in place.

The use of perforated angles

One of the most popular choices when it comes to plasterboard sections is the perforated angle. These are metal strips which are bent at a 90 degree angle, and are then attached to the corners of plasterboard constructions, in order to prevent them from damage caused by knocks and blows. The majority of modern properties in Brisbane have plasterboard section angles installed in their drywall interiors, and help to support the wall and prevent it from shifting out of place and becoming less stable. The perforations are ideal for allowing joint compound to connect to the metal angles without the use of nails or studs.

Finding suitable plasterboard sections

When you are looking for plasterboard sections for your construction project, then you need a supplier that you can trust. SBS Direct supply a large number of different plasterboard sections for the construction industry, so you can find the perfect support for your plasterboard walls.

Our range of sections includes:

  • external and internal angles
  • perforated and non-perforated
  • stopping angles-shadowline
  • Arch beads
  • stopping beads
  • casing beads
  • head and wall track-Shadowline
  • bullnose sections
  • expansion joints

These products are available in a wide range of different sizes and lengths, according to your needs. If you are wondering what your plasterboard needs in the way of sections and support, then simply call SBS Direct today to talk to a member of staff about your requirements.

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