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Ezy Finishing Sections

Ezy Finishing Sections

For a contemporary flush finish with clean lines and inconspicuous detail, Ezy Finishing products are the answer. Being strong and versatile with visual appeal, these products draw an increasing amount of interest from architects, interior designers and developers.

The EZY Finishing System is a complete solution for achieving the ultimate ‘clean line’ interior finish for modern buildings. Flush-finish walls and ceilings are produced quick and easy with the EZY range of durable metal sections, including the patented EZYjamb door jamb.

Stunningly discrete, the EZY Finishing System is a perfect combination of versatile functionality and inconspicuous detail which creates a unique harmony in the square-set, architrave-free rooms it adorns.

Ezy Finishing SectionsEzy Finishing Sections
Ezy Finishing SectionsEzy Finishing Sections
Ezy Finishing SectionsEzy Finishing Sections
Ezy Finishing SectionsEzy Finishing Sections

Finishing off a plasterboard installation is best done through the use of finishing sections, or supporting sections which can help to keep the plasterboard intact and stable. Finishing sections help to ensure that the wall is strong and stable and also is able to stand up to a  lot of knocks and impacts. When you are constructing drywall for residential property, making sure that the walls are straight can greatly affect the value of the property. Using finishing sections to ensure that the wall is flush to the property is essential in creating a contemporary finish using clean lines and hidden details.

Using finishing sections

Many construction companies use finishing sections in order to make sure that the walls are secure and pleasing to the eye, and they are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get the job done. By being versatile and strong, and with a significant appeal in their own right, finishing sections are often used by architects, developers and interior designers to create the final look that they want. Using finishing sections is relatively easy. Once the plasterboard is constructed, these finishing sections are applied to the joints and corners, helping to bind the drywall together and to make it stronger at its most vulnerable place. The majority of finishing sections are constructed using metal which is then placed onto the jointing compound. The metal supports have holes in the surface which allow the compound to push through and help to fix the joint in place. In order to make sure that the joints are fully secured, it is common for construction teams to smooth another layer of compound over the surface of the finishing sections. This helps to keep it all in place.

Using EZY finishing sections

The best way to make sure that all of your drywalls have the right finishing sections installed is to use EZY finishing sections from SBS Direct. These are the best way to get clean lines on your interior finish when constructing or renovating modern buildings. With a flush finish, it is easy to create walls and ceilings that have a high-quality appearance and are also strong and durable. By being able to offer discreet and attractive installation, many companies are choosing to use the EZY finishing system on their construction projects. This is why SBS Direct also pleased to be able to offer this design to our customers.

Choosing the right design for you

There are several excellent options when it comes to selecting tools from the EZY finishing range offer that SBS Direct. We have a number of different sections, including:

  • EZY jamb
  • EZY reveal
  • EZY cap
  • EZY skirt
  • EZY pelmet
  • fast cap
  • CavKit
  • CustomShadowlinee

All of these types of finishing sections are available from SBS Direct. To find out more about the different roles for each section, and to make sure that you get the perfect tools for your construction project, call us today.

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